Your Inner Peace Coach

As a Coach, I have spent the past twenty-five years counseling and supporting individuals in the confusion and turmoil of ordinary and extra ordinary life difficulties. My focus is to aid clients in setting goals and implementing strategies to achieve a happier and peaceful life.

As your coach I will support you by:

  • Listening actively
  • Asking questions
  • Assisting you in exploring your options
  • Facilitating the realization of your goals
  • Asking you about your progress
  • Supporting you at each step
  • Maintaining your confidentiality
  • Meeting in person, by internet or by phone
  • Additionally, behavioral profiles such as Meyers – Briggs may be used to determine your behavioral style in order to make the coaching/client alliance stronger.

Your Role Is To:
  • Fully participate in the coaching process
  • Come with an open mind and heart
  • Be honest with yourself as you are the recipient of your truth
  • Be willing to grow
  • Be willing to take baby steps to attain your goal

If you're ready to take the next step, download the Client Packet and call to schedule an initial consultation!

Summary of Education & Training