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Inner Peace

Congratulations on your decision to attain inner peace. It is not an easy process, but one of self-exploration, where only the brave and courageous dare tread. The outcome will be incredibly rewarding as you give yourself the Gift of Inner Peace.


If your self-limiting beliefs are sabotaging your success and joy, PSYCH-K® may help you re-write those subconscious beliefs into life-enhancing changes.

Self-limiting beliefs affect not only how we think about the world around us, but how we act. Since our behaviors affect how we interact with others both personally and professionally, it's important to recognize these issues and change our behaviors, feelings, and interpretations to create a more fulfilling and successful environment - internally and externally.



Many people suffer with physical and emotional pain from conscious and sub-conscious sources. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps release unwanted feelings to help you move beyond pain and fear, to connect with your true self.

By tapping on acupressure meridians, EFT helps release blockages to allow the feelings to move out of the body. This non-invasive technique doesn't use needles, just fingertip pressure to activate the energy points on the body.


Inner Peace

Inner Peace is the primary goal of most everyone on earth, yet achieving a state of peace can be very challenging.

I work with you to identify where your disconnect from inner peace originates, and help align your internal and external life to create the joy you seek. Together, we explore the issues, circumstances, and beliefs that may be holding you back from your peaceful self.


You can select from Individual
or Monthly Coaching Sessions.

Individual Sessions are 60-90 minutes in length and can be scheduled at any interval that meets your needs.

Monthly Coaching Sessions are each 45 minutes in length, with 4 scheduled sessions per month.

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